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Hi, my name is Jack, I'm the owner of Moonbarguy. I started Moonbarguy back in June 2020 but i actually started selling CBD on eBay in February 2020. After trying CBD to try and help with sleep issues, i came to realise how amazing CBD was. This made me want to sell CBD.

When researching I noticed how expensive CBD was and thought maybe i could try selling my own way. I found some great suppliers online and have built a great business relationship with them. This means I'm able to get the best wholesale price so I can also resell at a much cheaper price. 

Over the year I have bee finding more and more products and now here i am today. I want to thank everyone who has supported me during this year, especially those who have purchased since my eBay days.

Thanks - Jack (Moonbarguy) 


How are your products to cheap? What's the catch?!

First of all, there isn't any catch, my prices are low because I can and choose to make them low. I don't find the need to super overcharge like most businesses, there isn't any need. I also specialise in keeping my prices low so you can buy to resell for your own business. I've helped many people start up and they're thriving.

I also keep my packaging super basic. I don't spend extra money on fancy complex packaging . In reality, we buy CBD products for the product, not the packaging. This means I don't have to increase my prices to cover packing costs and you continue to get your products at a discounted price :)

If you've read my "about me", you'll see that I stated I have a great friendship with some suppliers. So yes, this is true. I know some fantastic people who create/produce and even have their own hemp farm. Having the kind of friendship with them that I have means I get the best price. So I can also give you all the best price too.


Please do not ask for any illegal products. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT sell THC items.


Email: moonbarguy@hotmail.com

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