Delivery Issues

Many of you may be waiting for deliveries to arrive, may it be from myself or other businesses. I have spoken to management at my local sorting office and was told our main hub (Birmingham) is over run with delivery bags. I can only assume this is the exact same as other main sorting places.

Of course this isn't good news but we all need to understand and respect that things are going to be tough again due to covid and lockdown. 

Please remember once orders are left from myself or other businesses, we cannot do much else apart from waiting. This is what we are told to do directly from them. No matter how many times we ring up or speak to someone from royal mail.

Many of you have stated "I've received other deliveries apart from yours".
I'd like to give you an example to why this has happened:

If your order was handed in on Monday, along with 100 other parcels. Then all those parcels will be put in mailing bags which get sent to one of the main sorting places. That bag is then put somewhere and left/forgotten or even put at the back. Then Tuesdays mailing bags are brought in and are put in front of the Monday bags. And then so on with the next days.

This means other mailing bags will be sorted way before the Monday bags.

"Royal mail have told me they cant find my parcel"

The reason for this is explained above. They say they cant find your order because its stuck in one of the 10s-100s of mailing bags that are behind.

"My parcel hasn't left your post office/local royal mail"

Also explained above. If they cant get to certain mailing bags, they are unable to scan the parcel to say its arrived in Birmingham. At some point the tracking will update, but this can take up to a week.


All your orders will turn up, I cant say this enough.

I appreciate everyone that is being patient and I understand its frustrating not having your order on time. Just remember what's going on in the world right now.

Stay safe everyone!

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